Hello all,
My name is Amber and I am a hobbiest/ amateur photographer. I created this blog to show my portfolio, as well as keeping a journal. I have an interest in about every prospect of art. From drawing to painting to photography, I love it all. I enjoy automotive, pet, nature, portrait, family, child, food, and commercial photography. Creativity is my strong suit so please come in with an open mind. Feel free to contact me by looking at the Contact Me page to set up a session.
Thanks for looking!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. DJones BranchingOut says:

    I am loving your photos! I just received a Nikon this year for a Christmas present and have worked it into a 365 blog, too. Doesn’t it feel great to set up a challenge like this?
    Good luck with your year in photos, I’m looking forward to seeing your pics!


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